The good news is that this year’s First Frost award isn’t going to Vern and Amy Spencer, and this year’s first frost is much later than last year’s (September 27th this year versus September 10th last year). The bad news is that this year’s recipient is Janet Benoit with a low of 30 degrees on September 27th. We all know how Janet struggles with her colder-than-average micro-climate, but we hope that a little recognition of the trials and tribulations she suffers will be of some comfort! Congratulations (?), Janet!

2013 ABC First Frost Award

Honorable mentions go to Vern and Amy Spencer in Cocolalla with a low of 29 on October 3rd, Marie and Roy Rambu in Athol with a low of 23 on October 4th, and Jeanne and Al Sliva in Bayview with a low of 28 on October 4th. I don’t know about the rest of the group, but this is one contest I’m happy to lose!